TDG004 The Deep Generations

A morning’s mood [E04S03]

It’s been a long time since last episode, I’m back with a set of a funky deep mood.

We start with an old remix from Jungle Brothers by themselves and the set is going in some funky or deep grooves, sometimes jazz.

I let you enjoy this new podcast.

J Dovy ”Soul Side” [Traxsource Exclusive]

After months of silence, but no absence in the studio, the return of J Dovy materializes with the release of a new album, a return to the fundamentals of house music.

The new album by J Dovy, ”Soul Side”, is a 9 tracks album of Soulful and Deep House, available as exclusive on  Traxsource until the global release, march 12nd.

Enjoy and grab you copy of this LP cooked in, The Black Magic Kitchen.



TDG000 T D G [Special Episode]

This episode was made during a test of a new camera for recording rehearsals with the band and some other projects.

I hope to bring you future shots to share with you in videos the magic moments in studios and more…


TDG001 S03]

The Deep Wax (part5) [Vinyl Mix]

New season of trips into deep house sounds, sometimes a bit more jazzy, some others a little more funky but holding the same goal, it remains groovy.

TDG008 S02]

Guest’s Honor

An episode brought by an awesome guest from South Africa, the young and talented producer Manye who was known as Man-T Underground.

A beautiful set of deep house for the pleasure of our ears.

TDG007 S02]

The Deep Wax (part4) [Vinyl Mix]

An episode into deep and soulful tunes and even sometimes more techy.

This is a trip of future and past slowly going to the end of the 2nd season…

TDG006 S02]

The Deep Wax (part3) [Vinyl Mix]

A new episode of mixed vinyls, a mood more soulful than usual and tripping between years of music…

When you love music the age doesn’t matter…