Feel (Original Mix) [video]

Let’s go back to 2010 with the release ”Black Luv” on Disco Birds.

First digital release after some years of musical works, searches and improvements of skills.

A colorfulled release with some house, deep house and deep tech tainted with some funk samples.

This EP been surported by Moodymanc, Raresh, Rick Wade to give a few names…

Artist : J Dovy

Release : Black Luv

Label : Disco Birds

Cat# : DB004



TDG006 S01]

Groove calling [E06S01]

This is a broken-beats selection!!

video archive from 2010

Back in the days, in the house where all started since 1993.

It was two weeks before moving where I am today, my Olivier Jaillet (Expanded People) came to visit me.

He didn’t come the hands empty and brougth this beautiful toy, the Roland MC 808. I was taking a break the same day of repainting so while we chilled, we decided to make this video to complete the making off the track in live…


The Deep Purpose #2 (Instrumentals)

The instrumental version of upcoming album is available in bandcamp only, in the shops like Traxsource, Beatport or iTunes the full version of release will be online for december 14th 2015.

Each version of album contains the sames with 4 different instrumentals featuring on their respective releases.

TDG005 S01]

The antidote [E05S01]

There is no problems, only solutions…

TDG004 S01]

A world to heal [E04S01]

It’s time to celebrate life! Powerful tracks compose this new episode…

TDG003 S01]

The music never stops…

We go to a flashback with some classics…

TDG002 S01]

Couleurs de Deep [E02S01]

A tainted issue, with this time a deeper feeling in the mix…

TDG001 S01]

This is why the story will never ends… [E01S01]

Here comes the 1st season of new podcast with the sounds of funk+house for our first episode…