TDG004 The Deep Generations

A morning’s mood [E04S03]

It’s been a long time since last episode, I’m back with a set of a funky deep mood.

We start with an old remix from Jungle Brothers by themselves and the set is going in some funky or deep grooves, sometimes jazz.

I let you enjoy this new podcast.

TDG000 T D G [Special Episode]

This episode was made during a test of a new camera for recording rehearsals with the band and some other projects.

I hope to bring you future shots to share with you in videos the magic moments in studios and more…


TDG001 S03]

The Deep Wax (part5) [Vinyl Mix]

New season of trips into deep house sounds, sometimes a bit more jazzy, some others a little more funky but holding the same goal, it remains groovy.

TDG008 S02]

Guest’s Honor

An episode brought by an awesome guest from South Africa, the young and talented producer Manye who was known as Man-T Underground.

A beautiful set of deep house for the pleasure of our ears.

TDG007 S02]

The Deep Wax (part4) [Vinyl Mix]

An episode into deep and soulful tunes and even sometimes more techy.

This is a trip of future and past slowly going to the end of the 2nd season…

TDG006 S02]

The Deep Wax (part3) [Vinyl Mix]

A new episode of mixed vinyls, a mood more soulful than usual and tripping between years of music…

When you love music the age doesn’t matter…

TDG004 S02]

Deep Wax (Vinyl Mix) [E04S02]

Another trip into vinyl collection. Some good vibes of past that didn’t take some age like a good drink, no matter when, it will always fit in the era.

TDG003 S02]

Vinyl Sensations [E03S02]

A long time since last episode was needed to be ready to give you a mix on vinyls only.

This first old school set will be followed by many others soon.

Be ready for some episodes containing vinyls only releases…