TDG008 S01]

Feel your pain… [E08S01]

TDG007 S01]

Islands dreams [E07S01]

TDG006 S01]

Groove calling [E06S01]

This is a broken-beats selection!!

TDG005 S01]

The antidote [E05S01]

There is no problems, only solutions…

TDG004 S01]

A world to heal [E04S01]

It’s time to celebrate life! Powerful tracks compose this new episode…

TDG003 S01]

The music never stops…

We go to a flashback with some classics…

TDG002 S01]

Couleurs de Deep [E02S01]

A tainted issue, with this time a deeper feeling in the mix…

TDG001 S01]

This is why the story will never ends… [E01S01]

Here comes the 1st season of new podcast with the sounds of funk+house for our first episode…