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Producer, DJ, label owner |somanymusic – Groove Park Records – The Rapture]
J Dovy created his own style of  « filtered house, » and « tekfunk. » Combining the two ingredients with a deep house vibe you can hear early influences by pioneers Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Shep Petibone, and Todd Terry.

In 1997 J Dovy released his first track titled « Deep in Underground » on House Trade Records, under the moniker D&S. Later in 2010 he signed with various dance labels releasing more than 150 tracks on  Soul Shift Music, Law Recordings, Disco Birds, Nylon Trax Records, and many others. His weekly podcast, « Burn It » consisting of deep house mixes grew a large audience with over 50,000 downloads over a three year period time, making it a total of 90 episodes.

J Dovy helped put Lyon, France on the map while collaborating with other local artists and musicians. He formed Men From Nobu with fellow band mate Vartan Fau, a jazz pianist. « Nobu » is a track by Herbie Hancock, a popular musician beloved by the duo. Previous releases, were made under the names of Effendi and FueL, on Dovy’s chill out and funk label Lokossa Music. J’s second label Raw Matter Recordings caters to the more underground vibe releasing music from lesser known artists.  Both labels have made boutique shop recommendations, such as Traxsource, Juno Download, also charted by DJ and producer Larry Heard.

In 2014 J Dovy regrouped the two labels Raw Matter Recordings and Lokossa Music and formed dovymusic with sub labels Groove Park Records , somanymusic and The Rapture.

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