New release on somanymusic

Dear friends,

Summer is soon over but the feeling is still here. The new release by J Dovy is out to make it last a bit longer.

Title : Another Mind
Artist : J Dovy
Catalog# : DVM00077
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Groove Test 1.1 (Original Mix)
2 Wonderful (You Are) (Original Mix)
3 In The Morning (Original Mix)
4 Another Day (Original Vocal)
5 We Are The Groove! (Original Mix)
6 To Be Here (Original Mix)

all tracks written, performed, arranged, mixed and produced by Jean Dovy for S3 Productions

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Another Day

Monsieur Jean’s update

Some news from my 2nd alias, the bandcamp account has been updated and contains all the releases and unreleased from Monsieur Jean.

All the releases from somanymusic & Groove Park Records have been added, some older releases from previous labels I worked with will be soon availables too.

Keep safe and see you soon for new updates.

Sun in the ears…

We spend a special era in the world since december. Some events we could never believe they’re real unless in a sci-fi scenario.

The rule to win is to stay home and safe, a silly game we’ll win, in the same time it doesn’t mean that life must be stopped.

Let’s care of each others for a better future.

Nuyorican Soul – The Nervous Track (Ballsy Mix) (1993 – Nervous Records)
Max Fresh – Unfinished Beat (Original Mix) (2005 – Loungin’ Recordings)
Ralphi Rosario – Timbalin (Bonus  »AM » Mix) (1994 – Underground Construction)
Elliott Venegas – No Matter What (Broken Down Vibe Mix) (2004 – West End Records)
Blvd East & Louis  »Lou » Gorbea – A Journey Into (feat Osualdo  »Bembesito » Lora) (Original Mix) (2005 – Coco Soul Records)
Luisito Quintero – Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo (feat Francis Mbappe) (Louie Vega EOL Mix) (2006 – Vega Records)
Osunlade – Rader Du (feat Wunmi) (Original Mix) (2001 – Soul Jazz Records)
Dubtribe Sound System – Equitoreal (Original Extended) (1999 – Imperial Dub Records)
Lego – El Ritmo del Verdad (Extended Mix) (2000 – True)
Gypsymen – Babarabatiri (MAW Main Mix) (2001 – SoundDesign)
Frankie Valentine – Midnite Sun (F V Suntribe Dub) (2000 – Rekawa Sound)
Victor Simonelli – Bateria (Original Mix) (1998 – West End Records)

Naive Soul Session II by J Dovy

This is my new release, I worked on it during the year 2019. A year of switch to another DAW and learn how to use it. Tracks been produced and arranged during the learning process.

There are of course some left overs unreleased that need to be worked again for some future releases.

For now I deliver « Naive Soul Session II » my new EP.

Title : Naive Soul Session II
Artist : J Dovy
Catalog# : DVM00074
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Here & now (Original Mix)
2 A Deep State (Original Mix)
3 Do It All Night (Original Mix)
4 Again & Again (Live Ur Life) (Original Mix)
5 Let Us Dance! (Original Mix)
6 If You Believe (Original Mix)

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Credits : all tracks written, performed, arranged, mixed and produced by Jean Dovy for S3 Productions

Haute Fidélité by Monsieur Jean

The EP is a collection of tracks composed between 1998 – 2005 and never released.

Title : Haute Fidélité
Artist : Monsieur Jean
Catalog# : DVM00073
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Way of The Soul (Original Mix)
2 Jus’ A Family Affair (Original Mix)
3 Love Bizarre (Original Mix)
4 One Nation (Original Mix)
5 Mind Fluid (Original Mix)

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releases November 18, 2019

all tracks written, mixed and produced by Jean Dovy for S3 Productions


all rights reserved